Festive Period – Keep it Consistant

With the holiday period approaching, this brings Xmas parties, nights out and of course the feast on the day. Together with this though is also more time off, your opportunity to combat the over indulgence with more hours on the bike and good quality recovery.

It’s also a busy period with the family but it’s worth taking the time now to plan out this period. Ensuring you make room for yourself, to take care of both your waist line as well as boosting your mojo on the bike. That Xmas morning blast, some more consistent structure or just riding more miles with friends, it’s all vital holiday season planning.

‘Consistency is King’ is a core principle here at VC and so this is a very busy period. As part of the quality 1-2-1 service, all riders receive their customised training sessions fully adapted around their own plans and availability. So get in touch if you would like to discuss a specific coaching requirement and make sure you keep on target into 2017 this year with Velocita Coaching.