Festive Period – Keep it Consistant

With the holiday period approaching, this brings Xmas parties, nights out and of course the feast on the day. Together with this though is also more time off, your opportunity to combat the over indulgence with more hours on the bike and good quality recovery.

It’s also a busy period with the family but it’s worth taking the time now to plan out this period. Ensuring you make room for yourself, to take care of both your waist line as well as boosting your mojo on the bike. That Xmas morning blast, some more consistent structure or just riding more miles with friends, it’s all vital holiday season planning.

‘Consistency is King’ is a core principle here at VC and so this is a very busy period. As part of the quality 1-2-1 service, all riders receive their customised training sessions fully adapted around their own plans and availability. So get in touch if you would like to discuss a specific coaching requirement and make sure you keep on target into 2017 this year with Velocita Coaching.

Shoreman Cleans Up at Youth Dirt Racing

Velocita Coaching rider, Tim Shoreman took the over all win this weekend in the U16 category at the MTB Youth Stage Race. Held at Glentress forest by Peebles Cycle Club, the event consisted of 4 stages. These included a Hilly/Technical XC race, Hill climb, rooty DH and a short & fast Dirt Crit. Congratulations to Tim who won 3 of the 4 stages to take the overall.

Tim’s next target is the National MTB Inter-Regional Competition in a weeks time, held at Hadleigh Park in Essex, where he has been selected to represent Scotland North.

Ellon Town Centre Youth Criterium – Pryde Storms the Win

Ythan CC put on another great Youth event this weekend at the Ellon Youth Criterium. The short 700m town centre circuit giving spectators a fantastic insight into the hard and fast pace of youth racing.

Velocita Coaching rider Struan Pryde (DTCC) got the top result in the U16 race. Firing the pressure cooker round the last lap and tasting a chicken dinner, his position ahead out of the final turn saw Struan first to stop the clock.

struan_pryde_podium ellon_U16_sprint

Fraser Steps it Up at the Feew-side Womens Road Race

This weekend was the Feew-side Women’s Road Race, an event I organise every year to promote women’s cycling in the North East. It is also part of the Scottish Cycling National Women’s Road Race Series so attracts a competitive field. Also up for grabs, as well as the race win, is the title of Scottish Cycling North East Grampian Region Women’s Road Race Champion.

Big thank you to the support team for your sterling work on the day, and well done all the riders. The win was taken in the sprint by Julie Erskine (IKON – Mazda) from Ashleigh Fraser (Deeside Thistle CC) in second and Ellen McDermott (Team WattCycle) third. Velocita Coaching’s Ashleigh Fraser was also delighted crossing the line, taking the title of the North East Women’s Road Race Champion.




Arctic Race of Norway 2015 – Scottish Junior Team

Last weekend I travelled over to Narvik in Norway as Team Coach, with Peter Clark as Team Leader and the nine riders of the Scottish Junior Team.

Mens Team: Alistair Merry, Danny Hedley, Grant Martin, Jordan Stronach, Zak Loney. Womens Team: Ashleigh Fraser, Emma Borthwick, Lulu Bartlett, Sara Bradford.

Sponsored by Statoil this is a hugely prestigious event for Junior racers with an fully international field, tagged onto the professional stage race that weekend of the same name.

Flying over Friday, we arrived late in the evening to the university accommodation and    preceded to get the bikes built and checked. Sat then involved a pre-race ride to open up the legs and together as a team we reviewed the 8 Km circuit. Contained within Narvik it was steep and challenging with leg busting climbs opening up to fast & technical descents. It was going to be a good race for sure! That evening a seminar/workshop was held with Thor Hushovd, the race ambassador, giving the junior riders insight and aspiration into what is required to become a professional bike rider.

Race day on Sunday was a huge fanfare with massive crowds gathered for roll out of the Pro race. Keeping everyone calm, relaxed and focused on the task at hand was key for Peter and myself, as well as ensuring they were well hydrated in the hot conditions!

Both our men and women’s team rode strongly in a very competitive field with our highest placed finishers being Ashleigh Fraser (12th) and Sara Bradford (13th) showing the true nature of team work, riding together and crossing the line side by side.

This was a massive learning experience for the team and we were delighted to learn that Statoil have signed up to support the event for another 3 years. Plans are already afoot and I’m looking forward to developing the Scottish team for 2016.

20150816_081342 20150815_203654PSX_20150815_224748 20150815_233720-1

Shoreman Takes Top Spot at Laggan

Velocita Coaching rider Tim Shoreman rode a dominant race at Round 3 of the Scottish Cross Country MTB series this weekend. Breaking away early in the race with one other, the duo put minutes into following pack. Attacking near the end, Tim then pulled ahead to take the win by 11 sec. Congratulations on another win Tim!

Arctic Race of Norway

International energy company Statoil are sponsoring the Junior race at this professional road event, and have invited a Scottish team to enter in August 2015. Former World Champion and 10 times stage winner in the Tour de France, Thor Hushovd is the ambassador and will be supporting a kick off event for these Scottish riders on Monday 11th May. Statoil CEO in Aberdeen and Thor Hushovd will meet the riders, ride together and discuss what’s needed to be World Champ!

Supporting the teams training and accompanying them to Norway will be Scottish Cycling’s Peter Clark as Team Manager, and Velocita Coaching’s Tim Mackley as Team Coach. As well as the team ride and media discussions on Mon, there will also be an opportunity for the wider cycling community to meet Thor Hushvod in the afternoon. Hope to see you there!

The program for the day is to run as follows:

MONDAY 11th May 2015
1400 – Team with escort will ride with Thor and ride leaders from Aberdeen city centre to the Urban Village Resort at Kingswells where the press will be waiting. Scottish Cycling Cars and a Police motor cycle escort will accompany the team.

1430 – Media briefing

1500 – Team only training ride with Thor and Statoil employees of 40 km, led by Tim Mackley & Julie Erskine.

1630 – Return to Kingswells

1630 – Thor Hushvod to meet cycling community

1715 – Close of event.


Power Meter Calibration – Getting the Best From Your Equipment

Met up with Simon, one of my riders, this weekend to work through calibration of his different power meters. Simon has three power meters all on different bikes, 2 No. Stages (Ultegra & 105) and a Quarq (SRAM Red). The session was not to look at the absolute powers from Simon, but instead to determine offsets between the power meters for when training/racing on the different power meters. Its accepted that for most situations the difference would not be noteworthy, but the results were useful to correct for, when doing very controlled training sessions and racing.

My Wahoo KickR was used as the control device, as it can hold you at constant power adjusting in real time for variations in cadence and pedal torque. The testing was performed in as controlled conditions as possible, including that all devices were temperature stabilised and calibrated, same recording head units, and the same range of power and cadences were used for each of the power meter tests.

It was expected that the two Stages would read similar to each other with the Quarq at a different offset to them both. All of the power meters were expected to differ from the control KickR. The outcomes however were surprising….The Quarq, Stages 105 and KickR were all with +/- 2 watts. However the Stages Ultegra read about 8 watts lower.

Without going into detailed review of the products themselves (plenty online!), the surprise and the key point to take from the testing was that the power meters from the same manufacturer (Stages), using identical calibration protocols, produced different measurable results. The other power meters all from different manufacturers experienced minimal offset. As stated above the offsets are not significant for general power zone training, but were worth correcting for to get the best out of the (expensive) equipment and to optimise training and racing.




Welcome, Velocita Coaching provides multi-disciplined one to one cycle coaching, based in Aberdeenshire. Regardless of your ability, the aim of my coaching is to maximise your training, ensuring each session brings you a step nearer to achieving your goals. A full range of monthly coaching packages are available together with additional support services. Packages are set to suit your requirement, with coaching individually tailored to each rider.

Training Equipment – Maintenance for Consistent Training

Coaching is more than just building engines or skill in riders. Of equal importance but often over looked is teaching robust psychological and preparation techniques. A good example is with winter coming and increases in training volume, often in dark and cold weather. Having your kit in top working order is vital to ensure consistant and safe training sessions. Now is the time to check your equipment, I did my winter checks this week and reinstated a wheel I knew to be on its last legs after several seasons including racing the cobles of Belguim and long coaching/training miles. I’m fully CYTECH approved for supporting my coaching services but if you’re not confident make sure you get your equipment serviced by a competent mechanic. Its vital assurance for your head when miles from home in the dark.

eyelet_split wheel_partswheel_in_jig